Said The Shark-turnédagbog, kapitel 2

Said The Shark-turnédagbog, kapitel 2

Dear Diary,

In the last few days we've seen bug-eyed frogs, white tigers, rat people and lots of snowy snow.  In Frankfurt, we played at a giant party in a place called Hafen 2, which was attended by maybe 2000 child-like adults (like us), some adult-like adults and a few child-like children.  The stage there was teeny-tiny and Rasmus got to play bass on the floor next to the stage, which suited him well.  The rest of the evening was a muddle of beer, karaoke, a sweet drummer from a sweet band climbing Hans, beer and beer. 

On Sunday, we played on a huge stage at a magical theatre, to the magical people of Leipzig.  There, we were calamitous all night, with Mikkel breaking glasses, Rasmus stumbling down some stairs and I got locked in the trunk of our tour van, which is too embarrassing to go into, so I'll stop there. 

Rasmus has just edited a little film, documenting our adventure, which you can see here:

Video #1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pouz58JY0CE

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