Said The Shark-turnédagbog, kapitel 3

Said The Shark-turnédagbog, kapitel 3

Dear Diary,

On Monday we played at Limes Cologne, a sweet punk-y club in Germany.  We had no idea what to expect from Limes when we arrived, but our hosts were good good good and the place quickly filled with people who clapped, whistled and played with our toys. 

In Groningen, we played at Platformteater, where we found ourselves on a little stage made to look like a 19th century theatre stage.  There was a woman supporting us who played a soft acoustic guitar throughout her set and Mikkel joked that the stage looked delicate enough to fall to pieces as we played.  Turns out Mikkel's more prophetic than we'd realized... when we played some of the heavier songs, the ceiling started to crumble and fall around us.  A few soothing voices from the crowd assured us that this was a fairly common occurrence and nothing to worry our pretty little heads over, so we kept playing, sudden death looming above.

After the show, we were separated and put to bed. Kim and I scurried to the home of a woman named Barbara, who had a truly fantastic space, which I'm trying to convince her to photograph and send to Design Sponge.  Peculiar lampshades, hand puppets, a vintage bass, colour-coordinated albums... It's spectacular. And she is too.

And now... off to Brussels... we have water, snacks, beer and lots of music for the trip.  Oh and we bought a travel pussy.

Video diary episode 2.



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