D. 28.03.2014 Kl. 21:00

Epic Rock is the outcome of our creation. Longing to tell tales, utilizing the maximum dramatic potential of the instruments and the compositions, is the very core driving of the band. It's a four-man group and a four man creative process. The songs vary greatly from the first to the fourth album, though a thread is unmistakably found, that being the progressive shape of the composition and the way of the applied instruments counting drums, bass, guitar, synths, piano, organs and vocals.
LISERSTILLE is not a regular band, and we are not afraid to say so. If the audience comes looking for something similar to everything else, they will be disappointed. LISERSTILLE is a Danish band, going international, because we have stories of dreams on fire and rocks that talk and pastoral preaching's in the suburb town halls, of war and slaves, of industry and treasury and love for the sake of love and a paradise even for the heretic. All this in the biggest wall of sound that we've got enough blood to get.