JazzKamikaze - Entre

D. 18.02.2014 Kl. 20:00

I samarbejde med Skanderborg Jazz klub er vi stolte af at kunne præsentere Jazz Kamikaze på Walthers Musikcafé.

Bandet skriver om sig selv:

The Scandinavian supergroup makes a thundering return, ready to strike again with a stellar sonic assault of high octane energetic cross-over music. Buckle up, the manga cartoon heroes are back!

JazzKamikaze is the story of a band whose musical path has been as unpredictable as the turning of the wind. From the very beginning it has been the nature of the band to be curious and try out all possibilities in order to keep on evolving.
Since their debut album in 2005, “Mission I”, is has been evident that something different was cooking in Scandinavia. The five members of the band, two Danes, two Norwegians and one Swede met in the environment of the young jazz scene of Copenhagen and formed the band in early 2005 with immediate success to follow. That same year they won the international talent competion, Young Nordic Jazz Comets, and landed a recording deal.
If the first album was a fresh breath of air on the Danish jazz scene the second release, Travelling at the Speed of Sound (2007), was quite an eyeopener for the rest of the world. Critics were praising the band in unison and awards and recognizion kept raining down on the group. From 2007-2009 the band was elected by an international committee to spearhead Denmark in an international launch of jazz founded by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. During these years JazzKamikaze toured the world intensively playing more than 150 concerts spread out on 5 continents including some of the biggest jazz festivals in the world e.g. North Sea Jazz, Bangkok Jazz Festival, Rochester Jazz Festival as well as being part of the opening of the annual carneval in Rio de Janeiro.
In 2008 JazzKamikaze commenced the work on their to date by far both most daring and most demanding work which saw the band introduce the use of lead vocals, heavy guitar layers and the use of large-scale string and choir orchestrations in far more pop/rock oriented songs. The process of writing, recording and mixing the album which took place on both side of the Atlantic, took more than 3 years before they could finally release their third long-player, “Supersonic Revolutions”. A milestone for the band!
For their 4th studio release the band decided on a different game plan. Spontanios live energy that they have become so famous for at their live shows were captured during three days of recording in the studio. The result:
A complety breathtaking voyage into unchartered musical territory. An adventurous body of work capturing 5 very skilled and unlike musicians working as one tightly bonded unit. A 40 minut continious stream of songs and interludes intertwining throughout the record. A new chapter of the JazzKamikaze adventures unfolds.