Ingried Boussaroque (Can), Koncert
Musikhuset Aarhus
D. 25.02.2014 Kl. 19:30

WOMEN SONGS - Ingried Boussaroque (Canada)
voice, nay, recorders, mandoline, kantele, bagpipe
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Ingried takes you on an exploration of women’s world. Women from now and before, women from near and far. The mother, the sister, the friend, the lover, the wife… Timeless roles.
A very personal journey seasoned with emotions and thoughts. The singer accompanies herself with a variey of  raditional instruments and presents medieval, sefardic, icelandic, gypsy, arabic, quebecer, and celtic repertoire.

Varighed: 2 timer

Arrangør: Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium