Get a Tent East
Festival Site in Roskilde
D. 06.07.2014 Kl. 20:04

Get A Tent East is located on the camping area just by Entrance East (Agora M). See map.

With a Get A Tent East ticket you can arrive whenever you want – the tent will be ready for you.
If you want to be there from the start, Get A Tent East opens on Sunday 29 June at 18:00.

Get A Tent does not include any regular festival wristband.

In 2014 Volt Recharge Service is added as an free extra Get A Tent service. Depending on your choice of tent size you’ll have access to either 1 , 2 , 8 or 12 services. A deposit worth DKK 200 has to be paid, when picking up the portable Volt Charger at the festival.

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