Click Concerts / One Day Pass
D. 17.05.2014 Kl. 16:00

CLICK festival 2014

May 15.-17. - 2014


Billetter til fredag og 2-dages billetter sælges efter kl. 16.00 kun i dørsalg.

After 16:00: One-day pass for friday and two-day passes is only sold at the entrance.

Click festival focuses on new media and contemporary culture, this year under the theme DIWO ? Do It With Others.

From Thursday to Saturday you can experience the innovative scene through music, art, science and technology.

The talks, workshops, performances and exhibition program is free of charge, but if you also want to experience the concert program you can buy one of the following tickets:

One day pass (Friday 16 or Saturday 17): 150 DKK

Two day pass (Friday 16 and Saturday 17): 250 DKK / GO TO TWO DAY PASS


Friday 16 May: Actress, Tirzah & Micachu, Carter Tutti/Chris & Cosey, Rashad Becker, Ryoji ikeda (official), Daniel Löwenbrück, JFK, Homies, Kasper Marott, Reverie and To/To.

Saturday 17 May: Robert Henke, Laurel Halo, Ben Frost, Dopplereffekt, NHK'Koyxen & Sensational, Ekoplekz, Somatic Responses, The DJ Producer, Tee Vee Pop, Selvhenter and Assembler.

MORE: http://clickfestival.dk/concerts

Super cheap transport tickets to Elsinore

At Click we encourage all our guests to use public transportation, when traveling to and from the festival. It is by far the easiest and fastest.

We know that for many of you, the trip to Elsinore from Copenhagen has been somewhat of a hurdle, so this year, in collaboration with bus, train and metro, we offer an event ticket that gives you an easy and CHEAP journey up north.

Your ticket comes in the form of a SMS and you can buy it HERE

See that?s clever! The ticket is valid for 24 hours in all zones and you can choose days from 14-18 May.

You have to buy a ticket for at least two days (72 DKK/approx. 10 EUR), but you?ll still save 58 DKK for one day and 188 DKK for two. It is also free to have two children under the age of 12 with you on the same ticket.