Chad Vangaalen
D. 09.09.2014 Kl. 20:00

Rock / folk / indie - tirsdag 09.09.14
110 kr.
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Chad Vangaalen's nye album 'Shrink Dust', er hans 5. i eget navn. Dertil kommer en overvældende mængde udgivelser under andre navne og projekter.

Stilen er ubestemmelig, lo-fi indiefolk... tænk hærget, smådeprimeret Beck... eller lyt selv her.

Pitchfork.com giver karakteren 7.8, og skriver om albummet:

But if everything VanGaalen touches seems to have a repellant, piss-pungent weirdness about it, that's kind of a ruse—his records of jangly junkyard-pop are warm, inviting, and surprisingly easy to love. His latest, Shrink Dust, is possibly his best, and certainly his most confident. These songs are gentle, sad, and just bizarre enough. (There's a streak of Cronenberg-ian body horror throughout, and it begins playfully unsettling image: "Cut off both my hands and threw them in the sand/ Watch them swim away from me like a pair of bloody crabs".) VanGaalen's called Shrink Dust his country record because it's his first where he makes use of a recently acquired pedal steel, but some of the quieter songs also feature the lonely-cricket chirps of a mouth bow that remind me of Leonard Cohen's Songs from a Room. Like that record, Shrink Dust has a slow, steady trot—like an eccentric stranger rolling into town on horseback, bemused but also made lonely by the vivid visions in his head. Læs hele anmeldelsen her.