Ned Ferm´S "Spend All the Money" Band - Jam Days 2014
D. 23.06.2014 Kl. 21:00

Ned Ferm is an American multi-instrumentalist and composer who has been based in Copenhagen since 2001. His first release in his own name, “Spent All The Money” (Stunt Records, June 2014) features his country and jazz tunes played and sung by an all-star band and vocalists, including Kira Skov, Marie Fisker, and Jacob Bellens.
Ned Ferm – Tenor Saxophone & Vocals
Kira Skov – Vocals
Marie Fisker – Vocals
Mads Hyhne – Trombone
Rune Kjeldsen – Guitar
Emanuele Maniscalco – Keys
Nicolai Munch-Hansen – Bass
Jakob Høyer - Drums