Roy Haynes Fountain of Youth Band (Us)
Copenhagen Jazzhouse
D. 29.05.2010 Kl. 21:00

OBS! Vær opmærksom på der er et begrænset antal siddepladser i salen.

Roy Haynes is the pulse of legendary jazz. For over 50 years Roy Haynes has influenced and innovated, shaping some of the greatest recordings in jazz while his joyous drumming with the legends of the genre altered the very fabric and direction of jazz improvisation.

Louis Armstrong. Lester Young. Charlie Parker. Thelonius Monk. Sarah Vaughn. Miles Davis. John Coltrane. Dizzy Gillespie. Bud Powell. Ella Fitzgerald. Stan Getz. Chick Corea. Pat Metheny. The list goes on and on as does Roy's unflagging energy and marvelous invention.

With his latest group of 20-something cohorts, Roy sends his "Hard Swing" to a timeless place. Haynes elevates the performances of his FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH BAND matching fire stroke for fire stroke, thrill for thrill, a tremendous give and take between the generations fueled by masterful musicianship and youthful abandon.

Menu: Italienske kødboller i tomatsauce med de cecco pasta, parmesan og gremolatta. -L-