Punk and Billy Bash #29
Loppen, Christiania
D. 15.05.2010 Kl. 21:00


For reasons you can find on Voodoo Glow Skulls' website the band decided to cancel all European dates but still carry on with their US commitments. Luckily we have been able to replace the band with a regular Jaw dropper - Sweden's premier Oi punk force PERKELE!

PERKELE started in 1993 and already by 1995 they had established themselves on the European Oi! scene. Their musical approach is melodic and the lyrical references are to the Swedish working class; perhaps not unlike that of Cock Sparrer. Or to put it in the band's own words: Life, death and beautiful sounds.
With almost 2 handfulls of albums the band has been standing the test of time and are stronger than ever. A pure pleassure to present them on Danish soil!

This completes the line-up of PUNK-AND-BILLY BASH! #29 with PERKELE, US based STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS and the German powerhouse THE HEADLESS HORSEMEN.-L-