Paul Dianno
The Rock
D. 14.03.2010 Kl. 21:00

The Original Voice of Iron Maiden - PAUL "THE BEAST" DI'ANNO

Paul Di'Anno grew up in England - spending his teenage years singing in various rock bands and working as a butcher and chef. During his time in Iron Maiden he made 3 albums. The 1980's self-titled Iron Maiden, Killer and Maiden Japan live EP. After leaving the band in 1981 Paul has made his own career as a solo artist touring all over the world.

Supporting Paul on the scandinavian tour is finnish LUNAR PATH. The bands music can be described as epic, gothic elements blended with a down-to-earth rock sensibility. Combined this creates such an unique formula, that'll only be a matter of time before they reach worldwide success. -S-