Trio - Thomas Clausen, Celia Malheiros & Carlos Malta
Copenhagen Jazzhouse
D. 16.07.2010 Kl. 21:00

OBS! Vær opmærksom på der er et begrænset antal siddepladser i salen.

After their latest tour in Europe the tRIO went to Rio to record their new CD "AFTER THE CARNAVAl" on the Danish label STUNT.

The tRIO is now celebrating the CD release with a world tour! “AFTER THE CARNAVAL” features compositions of the three composers.

From the most sophisticated jazz harmonies and improvisations to folkloric and indigenous sounds of Brazil, these eclectic musicians have created an exciting new sound in their album that is as dynamic and soulful as their live performances.

Danish pianist/composer Thomas Clausen still lives in Denmark and met Celia Malheiros a few years ago while she was touring in Europe. The musical chemistry between then was instant as Thomas is a lover of Brazilian music and has incorporated its sounds into his music. Celia has long admired the work of flutist Carlos Malta "o escultor do vento" the sculptor of the wind, as he is known in Brazil and invited him to be part of the tRIO as they toured in Europe in 2007. -S-