Once Around the Park Copenhagen Jazz Festival
Lades Kælder
D. 07.07.2009 Kl. 22:00






ONCE AROUND THE PARK is an innovative and exclusive band. It's not every day that you get to hear the popular musicians live: Most often they're scattered all over the world, playing with various artistes such as The Specials and Paul Motian… In 1997 OATP won a Danish Grammy for their first cd, UNITY. The music critics called it "unique" and "essential", and in 2001 the band released THIS IS THE SOUND OF MUSIC, which was described as "ground-breaking" and "a truly original release", later named in the top 20 of Danish Jazz releases since 1970, by danish newspaper 'Information'. With 03 (2006) OATP continue their excursions with creativity, concentration and competence. The band members are strong personalities, but that never gets in the way of the ensemble sound, which is modern and poetic, lyrical, dark and shimmering. It's no use being narrow-minded when 03 is being played. The fascinating music universe holds the listener's attention with its diversity and the many layers permeating the band's music; music that never aims at being difficult and unapproachable - on the contrary. It's modern, open fusion music with the wing span of an eagle - recklessly taking off into any musical direction, and impossible to put a label on. Music that will not let go, like the soundtrack to a film never seen. 'ONCE AROUND THE PARK has created its own exclusive universe - and that's a nice place to be.'