White Trash Copenhagen Jazz Festival
Lades Kælder
D. 09.07.2009 Kl. 23:00

Jakob Bro: guitar & effekter,

Søren Kjærgaard: keys & effekter

Nicolai Munch Hansen: bas

Jakob Høyer: trommer.

White Trash is four guys that has been playing together in numerous constellations such as The Raveonettes, Ischeltaschel, Bandapart, I Got You On Tape, Kire & The Kindred Spirits, Jens Unmack, Nikolaj Nørlund, Rhonda Harris and Beautiful Day. Whie Trash has named themselves after the punk-club White Trash Fast Food in Berlin, where the band had it´s debut in 2007.

When White Trash plays, it's "take no prisoners". Intense landscapes. Sonic Youth-jazz.