Batrider (Nz) + Trust (Dk) Klub Adorno
Lades Kælder
D. 15.07.2009 Kl. 22:00


"As brutal as they are melodic, and as abhorrent as they are beautiful, Batrider presents wonderfully destructive images, backed by guitars that will slice at your heart, then turn around and pummel the fuck out of it."

Drum Media - Sydney

"With a belly full of acidic insight but a heart full of hopefullness, Batrider's Tara is easily the independent album of the year."

A Fine Line Magazine


Combining archaic mysticism with overdriven amplifiers, Trust is a duo based in Copenhagen, determined to deliver strange messages from the outskirts of imagination through immense sound pressure and visceral energy. Formed in 2008, the band has quickly evolved into a combination of hectic melody-work and stone(r)-age riffs, creating a dense, layered sound through loops, thunderous drumming and, of course - loudness - with vocals ranging from the melodic stages to a chanting, static enigma - floating above the ocean of sound from the hard working amplifiers.