An Albatross (Us) + My Polaris Artillery Klub Adorno
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D. 22.07.2009 Kl. 22:00

An Albatross

We are bad motherfuckers inciting a feel-good riot. Do what pleases you, and let your hair hang down! We are An Albatross, but we are more than that - we are you! Calling all Lazer Vikings abroad - we have heard your call and it is our mission to gather the like-minded, the beautiful and gifted humans together to facilitate a nonstop musical orgasm until we pass through the jeweled gates of Rock and Roll Valhalla!

My Polaris Artillery

we're influenced by different bands such as saetia, kidcrash, meet me in st louis, sinaloa, neil on impression, bright eyes, the kissaway trail, jethro tull, IRON MAIDEN or whatever we find interesting