K. Walters (USA)
Bartof Station
D. 02.11.2017 Kl. 20:00

K. Walters is an acoustic Singer/Songwriter from Chicago.

K. Walters is the pseudonym of Chicago Bluesman Khalif Wailin' Walter and was born as a solo creative outlet which showcases K.'s multifaceted songwriting. His songs are infused with musical influences ranging from Soul, Pop, Rock, Gospel, Country, Funk, and obviously the Blues, unchained from the constraints of his band and the Blues format.

K.'s ability to pen beautifully poetic images, tell stories, and paint pictures of lifes daily soap operas through his lyrics is the centerpiece of his songs. In this mostly naked musical setting, K. Walters delivers his own very individual drum-like very rhythmic approach to the acoustic guitar. Also differing from his day job K. stretches his voice as an instrument in and of itself.

K. Walters latest release is an 11 track solo acoustic cd titled Man, Mic, Guitar. It is truly a solo cd as well. Despite what the listener hears, K. wrote, arranged, performed, recorded, produced, and mixed all the vocals and instruments himself.K. Walters music is a colorful journey through a musical rainbow of styles. His live shows are drenched in his love of music and all are invited and welcome to travel along and enjoy the view.



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