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D. 25.10.2019 Kl. 20:00

It’s London...1962... and one of the most successful and critically acclaimed rock bands of all time is born. The Rolling Stones are rock and roll, an institution, pure and simple.

To celebrate the music of the world’s greatest rock and roll band The Rolling Stones Story tour hits the road in 2018 with a brand new production that will feature all the classic hits of the world’s most influential rock n’ roll band, allowing the audience to experience their incredible journey.
The Rolling Stones Story is fast becoming a firm favourite and the most authentic tribute to Mick and the boys on the UK theatre scene today. This is a must see show for all lovers of rock ‘n roll. Some c’mon, Let’s Spend The Night Together.

5 star reviews

***** Great show guys! All excellent, really enjoyed the proper ballsy backing vocalist, that woman can really do it. Best Stones tribute I have seen yet and I have seen a few - Tony Plumb

***** Just saw your show in Bromley, superb in every way. Loved every minute - brilliant!!! Julian Kirkman-Page

***** Fantastic show...didn’t think I would like it as much as I did, but a Rolling Stones fan now. Thought I was seeing the real group as they were spot on with their likeness. Thanks for a great evening Angela Dodd

***** Amazing show from end to end. Performance and sound fantastic. Mick, Keith Richards, Bill, Charlie would be proud of the show – Keith clearly driving the band and a stand out performance – David Newnes

***** This is a brilliant show, so much has been put into making it a very enjoyable experience -Teresa Sanders

***** Great night out, would recommend to anyone who’s a fan of the Rolling Stones – Mick Silvester

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