Roskilde Domkirke
D. 01.07.2019 Kl. 21:00

Experience Julia Holter in concert in Roskilde Cathedral
Before Julia Holter plays her dramatic and intense art pop at Roskilde Festival, you can experience her in concert in the beautiful Roskilde Cathedral. Tickets available now.

Julia Holter blurs the boundaries between indie music, modern composition and electronic music.

Soon she’s playing this year’s Roskilde Festival. But a few days earlier, on Monday 1 July, the 33-year-old American composer and multi-talent will play in Roskilde Cathedral where she will present her lush, delicate arrangements that make abundant use of jazz rhythms and classical instrumentation.

Julia Holter is recognised for her dramatic and intense shows, which we’ve seen at Roskilde Festival in 2012 and 2014. She performs both as the pop-leaning songwriter and as the uncompromising avant-garde composer, and she’s bringing her band and a solid catalogue of songs that both challenge and enchant you.

For the show in Roskilde Cathedral, she will explore her repertoire with compositions which she won’t play at the show at Roskilde Festival.

Roskilde Festival arranges the show which is an offer for both festival-goers who feel like exploring the city of Roskilde, and citizens of Roskilde who aren’t attending the festival.

Doors open at 20.30