John Lindberg Trio
D. 15.11.2019 Kl. 20:00

A long journey
JLT has been one of the hardest working band’s in Sweden for years.
They’ve played every single rock venue worthy of the name in the country, if there’s a stage & electric power is available, they’ve most likely been there!

A long journey has taken place since John at age thirteen started travelling the Swedish countryside of
Dalecarlia with his guitar performing raw and pure Rockabilly. When teaming up with Joakim Dunker on drums & Martin Engström on upright bass it all fell into place and the JLT sound started to develop. This powerhousetrio has taken Sweden by storm.

Four albums top 10 on the albumchart
Since 2006 they have released 7 albums off wich the last 5 albums have all entered the Swedish albumchart at top 10 & their fanbase is increasing week by week.
They are never afraid to experiment with whatever influences they come across.
Allthough they are firmly rooted in the 50’s tradition their music is contemporary.
As a result JLT has created an outstanding signature sound of their own.

Time for change
During 2015 Martin, the bassplayer announced that he’d need to leave the band and an intense search for a new bassplayer took place, they didn’t have to search for long as Nathanael Marcusson was picked up on the radar. After a few rehearsals and a testgig the matter was settled and he is by now an integrated part of the band. Ready to take JLT to the next level!

High-octane boost
It may be hard to pinpoint JLT’s music but whatever you prefer to call it you know it’s gonna ROCK!
It got the driving guitars, the groove from the slap-bass, solid hard hittin’ drums and on top of that excellent vocals.

JLT’s live performance is an energetic high-octane boost and no matter where they play JLT ends up being the talk of the town. This is a tight & hardrockin’ unit.

Be sure not to miss them when they hit your town!

John Lindberg Trio are:
John Lindberg: Guitar & Vocals
Nathanael Marcusson: Upright Bass & Backing Vocals
Joakim Dunker: Drums & Backing Vocals