The Syndicate (Form. Zawinful)
Kulturhuset Viften
D. 08.07.2011 Kl. 20:00

Taking over the musical heritage of Mr. Joe Zawinul, his band The Syndicate keeps his vision alive: His music to be played LIVE along with the versatile band members own compositions in constant development!

Munhir Hossn (Guitar & Vocal)
Alioune Wade (Bass & Vocal)
Aziz Sahmaoui (Vocal & Percussion)
Emile Parisien (Sax)
Jorge Bezerra (Percussion)
Paco Sery (Drums)
Thierry Eliez (Keyboards)

Joe Zawinul - one of the most legendary, visionary and influential musicians and bandleaders that jazz ever produced. His passing in the fall of 2007 left a big, gaping hole in the musical world that can never be filled. But if anybody could, it would be The Syndicate- the band that he chose as the vehicle for his innovative and genrebusting musical styles after the break-up of Weather Report in the mid 80ties.

Joe Zawinul had a true midas touch in picking his
bandmembers, not only picked because of their virtuoso instrumental skills, but with a special ear for how, ultimately, each musician would contribute to a whole that was totally unique to Joe Zawinuls vision. The Syndicate has decided to keep
the band together, and continue and expand on the vision that Joe Zawinul laid out.

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