An Evening With Charlie Hunter
Jazzhus Montmartre
D. 31.03.2011 Kl. 20:00

Charlie Hunter (guitars / US)
• Scott Amendola (drums/ US)
Charlie Hunter calls himself a ‘boutique' artist because of his, in many ways pragmatic choice of band constellations.
Yet, one thing critics keep praising is his own modern jazz style niche in which you can find all kinds of traces from R&B, funk, rock, Brazilian, etc.
And the contradictions continue when he picks up his custom made 7-string guitar and plays bass, melody and rhythm at the same time.
One would think it would be a struggle to handle what seems to be only differences. But watching him surrounded by music it all comes together as low-key virtuosity in the most alive sense;
Charlie Hunter is a world class skilled guitarist, and down to earth relaxed as an artist.
No wonder the jazz community is always awaiting his next move.
We can reveal it is Jazzhus Montmartre, and he is bringing with him his long-time and much talented cohort Scott Amendola on drums!
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