Sidsel Storm Quartet Presents - the Duke Ellington Songbook
Jazzhus Montmartre
D. 15.04.2011 Kl. 20:00

Sidsel Storm (vocal / DK)
Jacob Christoffersen (piano / DK)
Snorre Kirk (drums / NO)
Kasper Tagel (bass / DK)

There is a reason why Duke Ellington’s songbook keeps being played, sung and interpreted over and over again. Or said differently as only Miles Davis could say it: “At least one day out of the year all musicians should just put their instruments down, and give thanks to Duke Ellington.” In very short time young Sidsel Storm has risen to the top of Danish jazz vocalists receiving the Danish Music Award in 2009! Her singing is praised for her sound and interpretive ability, but she is also known to be hardworking and independent in all the career-related decision making, including putting together tight and swinging bands. A much talented and strong musician, it seems to be a mature time to put down what she does best and look to world of Duke Ellington; we believe good things are bound to happen on the Montmartre stage! -M-