Sara Indrio - a Joni Mitchell Tribute
Jazzhus Montmartre
D. 16.04.2011 Kl. 20:00

Sara Indrio (vocal / DK)
Mads Vinding (bass / DK)
Peter Fuglsang (saxophone / DK)
Paolo Russo (piano and bandoneón / IT)

Sara Indrio is one of the most exciting artists unfolding these years. With a drive and desire to express herself she has been busy on the road touring, in the studio recording and even on the screen acting (remember the lovely Italian waiter in the award winning dogma movie Italian for Beginners?). Indrio plays a variety of instruments, but it is her passion for the singer-songwriter tradition that has led her to mainly singing today, and her While We Dream album (2006) thrilled many reviewers. Joni Mitchell remains Indiro’s biggest inspiration and just like the great Canadian artist worked with top jazz musicians (Wayne Shorter, Peter Erskine, Jaco Pastorious, etc.) Indrio collaborates with a handful of Denmark’s present and most prominent jazz musicians, adding cutting edge to her performances. For this special Joni Mitchell Tribute Indrio brings together Mads Vinding, Peter Fuglsang and Paolo Russo. -M-