Susi Hyldgaard`s Waltz for Debby Tribute
Jazzhus Montmartre
D. 28.04.2011 Kl. 20:00

Susi Hyldgaard’s roots are many which might be another reason she goes by her second name Frau Hildegaard, besides the liberating alter-ego personality she has humorously developed. Danish-born in the world’s jazz capital New York she has hit the scenes more in Germany and France than her native Denmark, sharing her warm, confident and swinging singing while recording for the labels ECM and Enja, and in between working with Michael Mantler and Marilyn Mazur among others. Now she is finally here in Copenhagen, and here to explore the art of the trio, something different than the (big) band projects she has been involved in lately. Her musical influences spans wide, but when it comes to jazz the Waltz for Debby album stands out as a personal number one and a project she has wanted to do for a long time. For the evening she has handpicked bassist Mads Vinding and saxophonist Benjamin Koppel.-L-