Nanne Emelie Sings the Blues - -tribute to Billie Holiday
Jazzhus Montmartre
D. 30.04.2011 Kl. 20:00

Line up:
Nanne Emilie (vocal /DK)
Niels Thybo (piano / DK)
Andreas Hatholdt (bass / DK)
Martin Andersen (drums / DK)
Mads Mathias (saxophone / DK)
Soma Allpass (cello / DK)

If you have not heard her name yet then pay attention! Her debut album Once Upon A Town is to be released in May 2011. But already now you have the chance to listen to Denmark’s future young star vocalist Nanne Emelie at Jazzhus Montmartre. Singing the wonderful songs of Billie Holiday is only natural for Nanne Emelie as she has often been compared to the legend singer when it comes to feeling, phrasing, melancholy and sensuality – and yet she is very much her own in the way she adds a Scandinavian touch to her music. In music journalist Jan Poulsen’s carefully chosen words: “Her note is as blue as the best of jazz with a touch of pop, for she knows the many shades of blue.” With her she brings some already well-founded jazz names in Copenhagen, only adding to our excitement of her debut at Jazzhus Montmartre.-M-