Nhøp Birthday Celebration - Part Ii
Jazzhus Montmartre
D. 27.05.2011 Kl. 20:00

Line up:
Bo Stief (bass / DK)
Ole Kock Hansen (piano / DK)
Bobo Moreno (vocal / DK)
Kristor Jonsson (guitar / SE)
Hans Ulrik (saxophone / DK)

Bo Stief leads the finest musicians in Copenhagen in a get-together to celebrate perhaps the biggest inspiration and master to come out of the Montmartre stage, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen. Stief has shared many experiences together with NHØP in Montmartre’s early years learning from and playing with the great jazz musicians that would visit, and eventually become one of Denmark’s strongest bass players himself. NHØP left us the most beautiful songs and realized dreams that we cannot help but look to when playing today’s music. For this NHØP BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION – PART II Bo Stief, Ole Kock Hansen, Bobo Moreno, Kristor Jonsson and Hans Ulrik share their talents and music in tribute to NHØP and in continuation of Copenhagen’s unique jazz tradition. -M-