Aarhus Vocal Festival 2011 - One-day Ticket Excl. Evening Concert
Musikhuset Aarhus
D. 08.05.2011 Kl. 09:00

This is how you signup for Aarhus Vocal Festival 2011

1. Tickets

By your ticket at billetlugen.dk billetlugen.dk
At billetlugen.dk you can by your ticket for the entire festival.

You can choose between single ticket or group ticket. Each ticket is available with or without the Bobby McFerrin concert.

At billetlugen.dk you also by your meal-ticket. Meal-tickets are available with or without Monday morning hangoverbrunch.

2. Signup

Here you can choose your workshops and other activities. If you are signing up as a choir this is where you choose you workshops and apply for a coaching session or to perform at the festival.

Both steps must be completed in order to sign up for the festival.

If you have any questions please contact: [email protected]