Fredericia Hardcore Festival
D. 31.07.2009 Kl. 14:00

Fredericia Hardcore Festival 2009 den 31.07.2009 kl. 14:00. 1. koncert er kl. 17:00 

Billetpris kr. 277,-. Billetten gælder både fredag og lørdag.

ORGANIZATION Fredericia Hardcore Festival has been around since 2002. The festival is based on friendship, voluntary work, activism and politics. The organizing crew, the activists, the bands and the guests form the festival as a community. FOOD and DRINKS We care about animal welfare and the environment and count on our guests to help out by supporting and respecting our politics on the subject. We only serve VEGAN, ORGANIC food and beverages on the festival. FHF 2009 31 July - 1 August This year’s festival will be something new, there are only 500 tickets per day as opposed to earlier years with no limits. Our youth centre has been going through some changes that has led to some precautions for the festival. But it will still be an amazing two-day festival. The tickets will cost 277 dkr / 36 euro for both days.

POLITICS As guest we expect you to respect a few guidelines in order to make the weekend a positive experience for everyone. RACISM, VIOLENCE, SEXISM and DRUGS are NOT ACCEPTED and will not be tolerated by the festival community.

Suckapunch (Germany) Hardcore/Rap/Metal

For My Enemy (Germany) - Hardcore

This Belief (Germany) Hardcore

Erase Your Memory (Germany) - Metal/Hardcore/Death Metal

Warstreet (Germany) Hardcore/Punk

Pushed Too Far (Belgium) Hardcore

Martyrs (France) - Hardcore/Metal

In Other Climes (France) Hardcore/Metal

The Wad’ers (Denmark) Punk/Hatecity Hardcore

Orson Sparks (Sweden) Metal/Death Metal

Decades of Blood (Sweden) Hardcore/Metal

Ratface (Finland) Hardcore

St. Hood (Finland) -Hardcore/Metal

Do or Die (Belgium) Hardcore

Folsom (USA) Las Vegas Hardcore

Skare Tactic's (USA)

Shatterproof (Denmark) prettyboy hardcore

Last Mile (Denmark) Hardcore

LionHeart (USA)

Fallbrawl (Germany)

Nasty (Germany) Hardcore / Death Metal / Grindcore

Earn Your Scars (Denamrk) FAHC Hardcore

Special Move ( United Kingdom)



Norgesgade 46a,

7000 Fredericia

Arr.: UngdommensHus/DampF