Don Kosakkernes Kor
Fjelstrup Kirke
D. 09.08.2009 Kl. 19:30

Erinnerungen an das alte Russland - Don Kossaken 

den 09.08.2009 kl. 19:30

Unummererede siddepladser 

Billetpris kr. 120,-/Unge og studerende 80,-

Erinnerungen an das alte Russland - Schwarzmeer Don Kossaken 

"Eight extraordinary voices fill the air with magical sound of new discovered old russian sacred chants and traditional folk songs. In their versatile expression they bring the russian soul to live."

Ovation for the Black Sea Don Cossacks 

“A deep devoutness fills the church as the octet starts singing. The Black Sea Don Cossacks strike the hearts of their audience.”

Adresse: Fjelstrup Kirke, Skolevej, Fjelstrup, 6100 Haderslev

Arr.: MCS - music contact system - Germany

don kosaken