Said The Shark-turnédagbog, kapitel 1

Said The Shark-turnédagbog, kapitel 1

Dear Diary,

It’s been a swell few days in Germany. On Wednesday, we played at the dark, wet and adorable Haus III & 70 in Hamburg. We banged things, jumped up and down and made some new Hamburgian buddies. Later we met an aspiring physicist, who was terrified that he’d just failed a math exam, and a little guy with a broken heart.

Next, we went to the velvety Schokoladen in Berlin, where we found Melissa, a fantastic host and promoter. After sound-check, we met with a fine fellow from Motor FM (a popular indie radio station in Germany), who interviewed us and took some pictures of us with an old Polaroid camera. Later, we banged even harder, jumped a little higher and discovered that one should never, ever (under any circumstance) dedicate a song to Knut, much less wear an I Love Knut t-shirt, in Berlin, as Rasmus did. Luckily the Schokoladians are a forgiving people. They were also an amazing crowd who clapped and whistled, sang and played throughout the show.

On Friday, we drove a few blocks to Hans Wurst, a sweet Vegan restaurant / club in Berlin, where we had what we’re sure will be the most gourmet meal of the tour. Our Hans is very impressed by those who make brilliant meatless dishes, so he may have found a guru in Micha, the owner. That night we banged a little softer and jumped a little less in an effort to pacify an angry neighbour who lodges noise complaints whenever possible. We tried to keep quiet, but the German police showed up to wag a finger at us just before we finished our set. Fortunately, they were sweet-talked into letting us play one last song. Thanks, German police! You’re not so scary!

So, it’s been a spectacular trip … physicists, shitty neighbours, radio shows, broken hearts - and four record labels have approached us so far - a fine start to the first leg of our raucous tour.

(Sorry about the English – my written Danish is like a three year old's.)

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