Fleetwood Mac genudgiver tre klassiske 70'er-album

"Rumours", "Tusk" og "Fleetwood Mac" spædes op med bonusmateriale

Fleetwood Macs tre legendariske sen-halvfjerdser-udgivelser "Tusk" fra 1979, "Rumours" fra 1977 og det selvbetitlede album fra 1975 genudgives den 23. marts med ekstramateriale.

Således fås både "Tusk" og Rumours" nu med en bonus-cd med sjældenheder fra indspilningsprocessen, mens det selvbetitlede album spædes op med fem ekstra sange, deriblandt en jamsession.

"Fleetwood Mac"-ekstramateriale:

"Jam #2"
"Say You Love Me" (single version)
"Rhiannon" (single version)
"Over My Head" (single version)
"Blue Letter" (single version)

"Rumours"-ekstramateriale, -demoer og -outtakes:

"Second Hand News"
"Brushes (Never Going Back Again)"
"Don't Stop"
"Go Your Own Way"
"Silver Springs"
"You Make Loving Fun"
"Gold Dust Woman #1"
"Oh Daddy"
"Think About It"
"Never Going Back Again"
"Planets Of The Universe"
"Butter Cookie (Keep Me There)"
"Gold Dust Woman"
"Doesn't Anything Last"
"Mic The Screecher"
"For Duster (The Blues)"

"Tusk"-ekstramateriale, -demoer og -outtakes:

"One More Time (Over And Over)"
"Can't Walk Out Of Here (The Ledge)"
"Think About Me"
"Lindsey's Song #1 (I Know I'm Not Wrong)"
"Lindsey's Song #2 (That's All For Everyone)"
"Sisters Of The Moon"
"Out On The Road (That's Enough For Me)"
"Brown Eyes"
"Never Make Me Cry"
"Song #1 (I Know I'm Not Wrong)"
"Honey Hi"
"Beautiful Child"
"Song #3 (Walk A Thin Line)"
"Come On Baby (Never Forget)"
"Song #1 (I Know I'm Not Wrong)"
"Kiss And Run"
"Farmer's Daughter"
"Think About Me" (singleversion)
"Sisters Of The Moon" (singleversion)