ADVENTSGAVE DEL 4: Punk Rock is Freedom – den første Nirvana-koncert

ADVENTSGAVE DEL 4: Punk Rock is Freedom – den første Nirvana-koncert

Uddrag fra GAFFA-skribent Henrik Tuxens kommende bog Punk Rock is Freedom.

Med bandets andet album Nevermind og singleforløberen "Smells Like Teen Spirit" brød Nirvana alle tænkelige lyd-, poularitets- og salgsmure for, hvad der var regnet for muligt inden for hård guitarrock i 1991. Inden da havde trioen dog gennemgået nogle knap så glamourøse år.

Som for eksempel historien her om Nirvanas første koncert, eller hvad man nu skal betegne hændelsen som. Læs om dette og meget meget mere i bogen Punk Rock is Freedom. Forudbestil og support på Kickstarter lukker 23.12 – læs mere her. Forventet fysisk udgivelse februar 2020.

LÆS OGSÅ: GAFFA-skribent udgiver bog om Kurt Cobain – baseret på samtaler med ikoner


Chapter 3

First show – You guys aren't half bad

Sickening pessimist hypocrite master

Conservative Communist apocalyptic bastard

Thank you dear God for putting me on this Earth

I feel very privileged in debt for my thirst! 



Early March 1987, Kurt, Krist and Aaron for the first time jumped in a van and headed half an hour down the road to play their first show in the suburb of Raymond. Or rather a “house party” than an actual show. As described in Come as You Are they were there as support for a local metal hero, showing his Eddie Van Halen licks in front of a bunch of yuppies. The guys from Aberdeen were there to cause a fuss, which worked. They still hadn't settled for a band name, although Kurt had been flirting with more or less delicate names such as Poo Poo Box, Designer Drugs and Puking Worms, and the original, Fecal Matter, but still hadn't made a decision. (In the published Kurt Cobain Journals, band names are a frequently occurring topic).

The show could be described as a very limited success. None of the teenagers that had shown up clapped after the first song, or for that sake listened to the music at all. The sound was terrible. In Come as You Are, the audience is described as yuppies; in Heavier than Heaven as a “down to the detail” metal audience, not interested in hearing any originals, but strongly advocating for cover songs they knew already. 

The band was accompanied by girlfriends and friends. Shelli would get into a fight with another girl, and to provoke the audience, Shelli and Tracy would rub their heads against Krist’s chest and start kissing while he was playing. Kurt would basically scream his lungs out. The band would play songs such as Downer, Hairspray Queen and Aero Zeppelin, all later released on the rarity-album Incesticide. When Kurt talked about the show, one thing he clearly remember was, “that people left,” and, “we didn’t get beaten up, but they let us know we were not welcome anymore, and it was time to pack up our stuff and leave.” But some kid would also shout “You guys aren't  half bad.” Not exactly a triumph, but a new chapter had begun. 

Slim Moon remembers these first shows, or really parties, as pretty hilarious, where especially Novoselic would get seriously drunk, and that he’d “take off his clothes, and jump on someone’s table, until it broke, so they’d hate him forever.” At another party he shot off the fire extinguisher in the middle of the party. According to Slim, Krist just meant it to be funny, but because things were so out of control, he’d often end up making enemies. And as far as Kurt, Slim says, he was mostly quiet, never the life of the party but when he said something he would be bitingly funny, and also keen on making the impression that he knew about music, and was not just a Melvins-Aberdeen hanger-on.

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